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Kentisha Mazeke

Caregivers Florida
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Kentisha's mother, Felita Rollins, was 43 years old when she passed away from colon cancer on March 17, 2005. Kentisha was just 22 years old when she passed. For years her mom was misdiagnosed with hemorrhoids, until the bleeding got worse and she was given a colonoscopy, which discovered her stage IV diagnosis.

After her mom passed, Kentisha was on a mission to advocate for those who are misdiagnosed or those who need screening earlier due to family health history. She founded her nonprofit, Felita's Love. Their mission is to “fight to decrease the number of colon cancer diagnoses and deaths through advocacy and awareness initiatives, encouraging early screenings and education.”

Kentisha joined Fight CRC to fight for others and help be their voice.

“My mom is no longer here so I’m her voice. I have made it my mission to bring awareness to a disease that is directly and indirectly touching the lives of many. The older I get, my desire to advocate and educate strengthens. I have connected with so many young adults who have been touched by colon cancer, and my heart breaks for them.”

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