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Get Ready to Flex Your Vote!

Exercising your right to vote is a critical part of advocacy and Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Flex Your Vote campaign is a one-stop-shop resource to help you prepare to head to the polls on November 3rd, 2020.

Fight CRC is a nonpartisan organization. We aren’t here to tell you who to vote for. There are as many reasons to vote as there are voters and each person has to make their own choices about what is most important to them, but Flex Your Vote will help you get ready for Election Day and to help you determine whether your candidate will be a relentless champion in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Pledge to Flex Your Vote

If we don’t raise our voices about issues that are important to the colorectal cancer community, no one else is going to do it for us. Pledge to cast your vote and raise your voice for the colorectal cancer community.

Sign up to pledge to Flex Your Vote this November. Elections can be won or lost by only a handful of votes, so every vote counts!

Get Ready for November

Are you registered to vote? Have you requested your mail-in ballot? We’ve got you covered. Click on the squares below to get ready to cast your vote in November. And make sure to sign our Flex Your Vote pledge to cast your vote and raise your voice for the colorectal cancer community. 

Get to Know Your Candidates

An important part of voting is getting to know the candidates in your area. Our Flex Your Vote Candidates Toolkit has information on where and when to engage your candidates as well as tips for how to share your story and what questions to ask. 

Before you cast your ballot it is important to learn about the candidates running in your area. Most candidates will have websites that describe many of their policy positions, but it is often helpful to reach out to them directly through social media, email, or through in-person or virtual events. Download our toolkit for information on ways to engage your candidates, how to connect, and examples of what to say.

Who Is On The Ballot

You’ve probably seen plenty of television ads, mail, and yard signs, but if you aren’t sure who is running in your area, the best place to start is at your state or local election office. Most will have information on who is running, how to register to vote, where your polling place is, and more.

Additional Actions

Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is a nonpartisan advocacy organization that promotes better policies and supports research, education, and awareness for all those touched by colorectal cancer. All employees, board members, and volunteer representatives at Fight CRC are required to maintain nonpartisanship while acting in an official capacity on behalf of the organization.

The Fight CRC advocacy team determines its strategic legislative and policy priorities by working with policy experts, collaborating with coalition partners, and soliciting feedback directly from colorectal cancer patients and family members.

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