Call-on Congress sold out for the very first time this year! While we’re excited to reach this milestone, we don’t want you to be discouraged if you can’t attend. We’ve made sure you still have plenty of ways to engage and take action. Your voice is as powerful at home as it is on the Hill!

Here are 3 ways to engage in advocacy from home this March.

1. Join Call-on Congress via Facebook Live

Facebook_liveEven if you can’t be in the room, you can still participate in Call-on Congress. We’ll be streaming two panels with Facebook Live:

  • Monday, 3/13 – 2:00pm EST – Immunotherapy Rockstars
  • Tuesday, 3/14 – 10:00am EST – “This is Crap” Early Onset Colorectal Cancer

To join us, RSVP to attend the event. You’ll get reminders and updates, as well as the chance to connect with others participating from home. If you watch live you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Q&A. If you can’t watch live, you can watch the recordings at any time.

In addition to streaming the panels, advocates will be popping into the event from D.C. for special interviews and follow-up questions. It will be like your own red carpet experience. Don’t miss it!

Register for Call-on Congress LIVE

2. Be a Social Media Maven

social-media-maven-concOne of the easiest ways to engage with Call-on Congress is by engaging with the hashtag #ConC2017 on Twitter or Instagram. (Due to Facebook privacy settings it’s easiest to engage via the live event versus a hashtag.)

By watching the hashtag you can follow along with what’s happening at Call-on Congress in real time. Both Fight CRC and advocates in attendance will be posting favorite quotes from speakers, photos of slides, live clips and shots of what’s happening behind the scenes.

To be a social media maven, we need you to post using the hashtag, too! Here are a few ideas:

  • Retweet and share your favorite posts
  • Ask questions using the hashtag, we will make sure you get an answer
  • Post a picture of you with a #StrongArmSelfie (tag #ConC2017 too)
  • Show us who you’re fighting for with a picture, video, live post or blog post
  • Tweet at your members of Congress with this message: (Don’t know who they are? Find them here.)

[.@RepName I am a constituent & support #coloncancer research & removing barriers to screening! Please support! #ConC2017]



3. Participate in our Virtual Lobby Day: March 15

virtuallobbyday-concOn March 15 our advocates will be storming the halls of Congress, but we need YOU to storm their inboxes so Congress hears us LOUD AND CLEAR. Be part of the nationwide group that reaches out to Congress and requests support for colorectal cancer screening.

How it Works:

On the morning of March 15 you’ll receive an email with a link that will take you to our Action Center. Fill out your information and a pre-populated message will appear. Add the additional information and hit send. We will track how many messages are sent. We’ll also let you know any responses or results we get from Congress as part of our summary report.

Last year advocates set a record by sending 10,000 emails to Congress during Virtual Lobby Day. Think we can break our record?

To be heard by Congress it takes a loud, unified voice. We hope you’ll join us. Make sure you’re registered as an advocate so you’re notified when it’s time to act.
Register as an Advocate

Anyone can advocate – at any time!

In addition to these 3 ways to engage during Call-on Congress, don’t miss what’s happening in advocacy all year long. From now until the end of March, we need you for Blue Star States. In July and August, we encourage you to take our August Recess Challenge. As an actively engaged advocate, you’ll get information each month on what’s happening with colorectal cancer policy and how you can help. Make the commitment and join us!

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