Meet the Gibson Sisters

Strong Arm Selfie’s for their dad

After their dad was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer, Carrie, Joy and Elsa Gibson decided to document his journey through Facebook as a way to keep friends and family informed. One day, one of their friends tagged them in a #StrongArmSelfie and the Gibson Effect was born.

Elsa Gibson

I want to be the voice within my community by educating people on screening, creating awareness about colorectal cancer. I would love to be a voice for patients that do not have strength to fight. In the process I would like to  remind all those in the fight that they are not alone.

Carrie Gibson

I am passionate about the colorectal cancer cause, I believe more people should be informed about screening in order to prevent this disease. My sisters and I wanted to team up with Fight CRC to grow our community and have a larger voice within our community. Fight CRC stood by us while our father was in the process of his illness and I am grateful for them. Is time to give back, advocate, educate people and health professionals to eradicate this disease. I truly want to honor my dad’s memory and show my children that all situations can be transformed into something positive.

Joy Gibson-DeRamo

I want my father’s story to be shared far and wide, to help prevent others from this horrible disease. I hope that by sharing his story others will want to get screened and get informed about the dangers of colorectal cancer.

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