Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) has joined 21 public health and patient advocacy groups in submitting a letter to the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) requesting it reconsider its 2016 colorectal cancer screening recommendation before its currently scheduled review in 2021. The request follows a guideline update from the American Cancer Society (ACS) in May 2018 that recommends screening begin at age 45 for people at average risk of colorectal cancer instead of starting at age 50. The updated guideline is based on data that shows increasing rates of colorectal cancer in young and middle-aged populations.
“Fight CRC is proud to stand alongside 21 public health organizations to encourage the USPSTF to revisit the colorectal cancer screening guidelines in light of the bold change that the American Cancer Society made by dropping the screening age to 45," said Fight CRC president Anjee Davis. "With the rise in incidence rates under 50, there is an immediate need to review the screening age. We can’t allow the difference between the two guidelines to become yet another barrier for patients to be screened. Lives are at stake, and this is preventable cancer if caught early.”

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