Frederick Schiller

Fred Schiller


I found myself in a waiting room, alone, not knowing what the surgeon would find. I hoped for the best, but as is my nature, I prepared for the worst. Nothing prepares you for receiving that kind of news and nothing prepares you for the challenges of the next week, months, or years.

My wife, Heather, was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in February 2015 at the young age of 34. With no symptoms or indicators, our lives were immediately turned upside down. As a husband and young professional, I was suddenly filled with so much uncertainty for the future. Not only for what the future held for our relationship, but also for my own personal growth.

We found Fight CRC and worked with them to educate ourselves and connect with others going through our same journey. What I didn’t anticipate is that I would find a voice for my own fight as a #Caregiver. Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient, it affects all those supporting the patient. I quickly learned the importance of self-care and mindfulness.

Believe it or not, cancer has reinvigorated our spirits, our relationship, and our drive to raise awareness. I’m not happy that cancer entered our life but it has shown me a better way to live my life and find enjoyment in each moment we have.

I’m here because we all have a voice in this fight, I’m here because I am using my anger to make a difference and bring awareness to a preventable disease. I’m here because #Caregivers need a voice and my voice is how I’m winning this fight.

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