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Patient / Survivor
Clinton Township, MI

Erin’s Story

On Aug. 31 2016 at 18 years old, I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. I had just graduated high school, and was thrown into the real world quickly. My life before cancer included spending time family and friends, working, starting college and being a regular 18-year-old girl. I honestly did not know that colorectal cancer was reality, so I never even thought about researching it. Next thing I knew, I had been diagnosed with a disease I knew nothing about.

I only experienced one symptom, which was blood in my stool. This lasted about six months. My mother and I did not think much of it; we told ourselves it was most likely hemorrhoids. After lab work, stool samples and a colonoscopy we were proven wrong.  I remember before getting the news I was in my college english class researching for the first time about colorectal cancer. Pretty crazy, right?

Growing up, I never broke any bone or had any major hospital visits. This was my first time being at a hospital for a major reason, and I had never been poked by so many needles!

I have an amazing support system in my life, which made my diagnosis easier to deal with. I am so thankful for my family and friends who are experiencing this journey with me. Doctors called me “one in a million” and that’s because only one out of a million 18-year-olds in the world will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. If I can be completely honest, I was proud to be that one eighteen year old. I did not let cancer stop me from doing anything and I never let cancer define who I am.

I went through surgery, port placement, 12 rounds of intense chemo, taking chemo home with me for two days, MRIs, CT Scans, 3 ER visits, blood transfusions, ultrasounds, and two colonoscopies. I am now 19 years old and cancer-free. Cancer has made me proud of who I am and really put my life in a positive perspective.

I share my story with you because I want you to know that you can overcome this and cancer will NEVER define who you are. We are all on your side, we can fight this together!

Erin’s Advice

Through my journey I always told myself to never let cancer define me. So my advice to you is that you’re stronger than this cancer and it will never define what kind of amazing, inspiring and strong person you are!

5 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Erin Verscheure from Michigan

  1. Dear Erin, Bless you! My granddaughter, just like you, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer two weeks ago tomorrow! She also just graduated from High School in June and celebrated her 18th Birthday the next day. The doctor told her a positive cancer diagnosis during her first colonoscopy. She’s living your story of “one in a million” an 18 yo in the world diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It’s a scary whirlwind as she takes many tests, a CT Scan, Lab tests, Ultrasound, and an MRI to have surgery. Last week she met her Surgeon and although he didn’t tell her what the “Stage” is of cancer, his first step requires an aggressive 9 weeks of Chemotherapy concurrently with Radiation to shrink the tumor before surgery. She meets her Oncologist tomorrow. I just searched for “18yo with new diagnosis of colorectal cancer” and I first found you, Erin, thank you for sharing your beautiful, inspirational story. I will share your wonderful story of hope with my granddaughter. Her story sounds like your story, she is positive and so brave too. Thank you so much

  2. Thanks for your story! Get up that attitude and you will go far! Stay healthy and get as strong as you can! Conquer this and move onto bigger and better things with your

  3. You are an inspiration. May you continue strong and healthy for all the years to come. I was also diagnosed at 38 with colon cancer stage three. I am also cancer free right now and blessed everyday that I was able to get through this diagnosis. May we continue to thrive, inspire, and give hope to anyone that was recently diagnosed. There is light behind that dark tunnel. Never give up and stay positive.

  4. Your are amazing!! Your story has given me hope!! I was just diagnosed one week ago and I do not know my stage. I am okay than you, I’m 30 but they said that’s still extremely young for this cancer. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us hope!

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