Meet the One Million Strong- Henry Gray from Missouri


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Meet Henry

Patient / Survivor

St. Louis, Missouri

Henry’s Story

I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 47 years old. My job went through an insurance change, and the new insurance offered 100 percent coverage if employees participated in a wellness program. I agreed to participate.

I scheduled my physical with my new primary care doctor, who recommended a colonoscopy. This recommendation was based off the fact that due to me being African American, it is recommended that we’re tested starting at age 40. I figured that since I had no symptoms, I would not test positive for colon cancer, so I agreed to get tested.

During the colonoscopy they noticed a dark spot in my colon. They took a sample to see if it was cancerous. It turns out it was.

A surgery was promptly scheduled to remove the section of my colon that was cancerous. Once it was removed, a biopsy was performed and I was told that I had stage III colon cancer. The treatment would include six months of chemotherapy with an attached pump for 46 hours for every treatment.

Henry’s Advice

Try to stay strong and healthy throughout the treatment. Throughout the six months, I had very little downtime, since I took very little time off from work. Due to me a being relatively healthy person, my body was able to tolerate the treatments.

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