Meet Rissa

Rissa Dodson, Survivor/Patient

Valley Village, California

Rissa’s Story

I had noticed blood in my stool at least one year prior to my diagnosis. An email exchange with my doctor confirmed it was most likely hemorrhoids and they would go away. They went away!

Several months later, I landed in the ER. Nothing conclusive, so the doctor ordered a colonoscopy. I went in for the colonoscopy and came out with a cancer diagnosis on Sept. 26, 2015. Six weeks of chemo-radiation shrank the tumor considerably, which was such a relief! In Feb. 2016, the tumor was removed, I also had a hysterectomy, resection, and ileostomy. The ileostomy takedown was in Apr. 2016; five weeks later, I started chemo.

Ten days shy of my one year ‘cancerversary’ I was declared cancer-free!

What One Million Strong means to Rissa

When I was diagnosed, I went looking for people who shared their stories. I didn’t find any blogs about colorectal cancer, so I started my own. Sharing has been cathartic and quite helpful.

I want to join the fight in order to continue to share my story, help fundraise, encourage and support other cancer patients. And, in turn, help myself.

Rissa’s Advice

Know your family history. Pay attention to your body, your bowels. Get screened. You are not alone. Keep your dukes up, baby!

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5 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong – Rissa Dodson from California

  1. Rissa you are such an amazing, loving and caring person so very glad your outcome has been positive as well as educational to others.

  2. I survived stage three colorectal cancer. Found on January 3, 2005. And went though one whole year of treatments. Followed by many more follow up done though the years. I wasn’t declared cancer until June 2, 2006. Still have to get a colonoscopy very 2 1/2 years. For the rest of my life. Because the pulp tissue that they find are pre cancerous. Meaning that if they aren’t catch early enough. They will definitely turn cancerous. So every since then I have a new normal life. Dealing with a perament bag, Type 1 diabetes that cancer has cause, So whenever I leave the house, I have to make sure that my adult diaper bag is ready for any emergency. ? My niece calls it loving and teasingly my Bag Lady Bag. Definitely need a sense of humor when dealing with cancer.

  3. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the challenges that come after treatments , surgery and illeostomy ?
    The new norm of adjustments .

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