The past four years have been unbelievable.

I started with Fight CRC four years ago as an intern while I finished my last year of college. After graduation, I joined the staff full time and was welcomed into this community with open arms. Throughout the years, I’ve met some of the most amazing, inspiring, and strong people I’ve ever known.

It’s with a bittersweet heart that I say farewell to Fight CRC. I have accepted a new position and will be leaving at the end of November.

The Memories

Over the last several months as I’ve made this decision, I’ve looked back on the projects I’ve worked on alongside you. I want to share some of my favorite memories.

1. Growing the Ambassador Training Program

One of the first projects I took on when I started with Fight CRC was the Ambassador Training Program. This program was a sparkle in our team’s eyes when I started and everyone was anxious to see if it was going to work.

The first year, we had 26 advocates join us for a “boot camp” in Nashville where we spent a few hours sharing our stories, learning how to become involved with Fight CRC, and capturing photos for materials throughout the following year.

Fast forward to 2018. We now have 104 Ambassadors in 34 states who are sharing their stories, raising awareness, and doing everything they can to put an end to this disease.

2. Climb for a Cure

This program started three years ago with a group of 11 advocates who wanted to climb a mountain to raise awareness of colorectal cancer. The second year, I joined them to summit Mt. Democrat with a group of 30 other climbers.

Last year, 90 climbers took on Quandary Peak and 30+ advocates joined us from home to remember those we have lost and to honor those currently fighting.

It’s hard to find words to explain the feeling you get climbing alongside fellow advocates in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable, so I’ll let these pictures speak for me.

3. Call-on Congress

Throughout my life, I’ve been passionate about different causes. It wasn’t until I experienced Call-on Congress for the first time that I realized how impactful each individual voice is when it comes to enacting change.

The passion, determination, and strength I saw (and have seen every year since) in D.C. was something I had never experienced. The three years I got to walk the halls of Congress alongside you is something I will carry with me forever.

4. Times Square

It’s not the norm for many of us to walk through Times Square and see our friends’ faces light up the dark night. The first time I went to NYC and saw our advocates’ faces on the screen, it was magical.

Each March we kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month by ringing the bell at Nasdaq, putting pictures of the faces of survivors, caregivers, family members and those touched by CRC all across Times Square. These faces and stories reach 31 million people each March, bringing awareness to this disease.

Thank You

To the advocates I’ve gotten to meet over the past four years, thank you for welcoming me into the community. Thank you for showing me what it means to fight for something you believe in. and how to support those fighting alongside you.

To the Ambassadors I’ve gotten to work with over the past four years through the Ambassador Training Program, thank you. Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing your stories so they might help someone who needs to hear it most. Thank you for believing in this organization’s mission. Thank you for giving me a chance to help share your story for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

To those who have become some of my closest friends over the past four years, thanks for showing me how to live my best life. You’ve helped me realize the value of each day and to make the most of every experience.

To my fellow staff members, both present and past, thank you for your dedication to your craft, your willingness to do what it takes to create the best content possible for the community, and most of all, for your friendship.

While the Fight CRC chapter of my professional career is coming to a close, I will always stand by your side in this community as a fellow advocate.

Let’s get behind a cure.


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5 comments on “Thank You and Farewell”

  1. 1
    Mary on November 21, 2018

    Best of luck on your new adventure! You’re going to rock!

  2. 2
    Carrie on November 16, 2018

    My Andrew! … I’m reading with tears and then every single picture make me laugh 💙 Is always about that incredible moment when you shared your story trying to heal, and got that chance to cry and laugh at the same time. I love ❤️ u! Ya te extraño amigo!

    1. 3
      Andrew@FightCRC on November 19, 2018

      Carrie, I love you and your family so much! Thank you for everything you’ve done for the organization and for me as a friend. I will be making a trip to see you all in PR in the near future!

  3. 4
    Kathy Oliver on November 16, 2018

    Andrew, you will be sorely missed. Your attitude and wit were so appreciated during lulls in “Manning the booth” at various conventions. Wishing you nothing but the best in your future endeavors💙

    1. 5
      Andrew@FightCRC on November 19, 2018

      Thank you so much, Kathy! I know our paths will cross again – both of us as advocates next time 🙂

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