Keavy McAbee

I cannot believe how long it took me to write this post. I now know it’s because saying goodbye is hard. My husband and I, along with two friends, opened a restaurant this past May. I knew it would be long hours and lots of work but it exceeded my expectations!

I’ve transitioned to focus on being home with our son and working at the restaurant. I’m happily trying to keep the house running smoothly (I’m not very good at cooking or folding laundry AND don’t worry… I’m not the chef at the restaurant.) I plan all the craft beer that we feature [beer nerd alert].

Working with Fight CRC

Working with Fight CRC was an incredible experience. I loved seeing the impact of my work directly.

So often in public health we are confined to our desks and rarely interact with survivors, families and caregivers on a regular basis. At Fight CRC I got to know so many of you and hear your stories. This made a tremendous impact on me professionally and personally.

It’s amazing to see what Fight CRC is accomplishing. All of my colleagues’ work in immunotherapy, research advocacy and survivorship is incredible and inspires hope.

My Takeaways

keavy-goodbye2This is the part I’ve had a hard time articulating.

I have been deeply moved by all of your experiences and have been so inspired by the courageous lives that the survivors and loved ones live.

I have seen all of you fighting – for yourselves and your loved ones. I’ve seen you find strength for the lives you want to live.

I’ve also seen incredible strength by those of you whose loved ones are no longer with us.

You inspire me to live with intention. Thank you for allowing me to work with all of you! It has meant so much to me.

I want to dedicate this post and all of the work I did with Fight CRC to Randy Cox and his wife and two sons. To Steven Ring and his family. To all of the Research Advocates.

Your passion for research has had such a profound impression on me. Here’s a temporary goodbye… I will do my best to pop up and join you when our schedule allows!


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