I Prevented Cancer – A Previvor Story

A few years ago, my cousin Amanda told me she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. She was only 34 years old. Young, right? And then she told me her type of colon cancer is hereditary. After my cousin’s diagnosis, her mom (my aunt) got…

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All Things Ostomy – Feb. 2017 Webinar Questions Answered!

Ostomy surgery can be life-saving and increase quality of life for individuals suffering from severe issues with bowel regulation. However, for some, the surgery can also affect life in a negative way.  In Feb. 2017, Joanna Burgess, BSN, RN, CWOCN joined Fight CRC for a webinar…

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RECAP: GI ASCO 2017 Poster Walk

This is part 2 of 3 for our GI ASCO blog recap Each January the American Society of Cancer Oncology (ASCO) hosts the Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancers Symposium in San Francisco. This three-day conference is attended by experts in the field, advocates and advocacy groups. The experts…

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RECAP: GI ASCO 2017 Hot Topics

This is part 1 of 3 for our GI ASCO blog recap Fight Colorectal Cancer and four research advocates, all colorectal cancer survivors, were among the 3,500 people who attended 2017 GI ASCO. It is our commitment to send staff and advocates to the conference to stay…

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Exercise can help prepare you for surgery

If you’ve ever had surgery you know the routine. “Do not eat, drink (not even water) or chew gum after midnight.” But what about exercise? While it’s unlikely you’ll be exercising the morning before surgery, a recent study explored integrating movement and other prehabilitation techniques…

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Finding strength in your worst moment as a caregiver

by Martin Lannon Over the years I had seen television shows or read stories about pivotal moments in other people’s lives. These moments changed them, or caused them to realize they were more than just the routine they had fallen into. My moment came in…

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Colvera™ Announced for CRC Recurrence Monitoring

On December 20, 2016 Clinical Genomics announced the launch of an evidence-based diagnostic tool, Colvera™, to test for colorectal cancer recurrence. Colvera™ is a blood-based test that identifies whether or not two altered genes associated with colorectal cancer – methylated BCAT1 and IKZF1 DNA –…

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Study finds 1 in 6 “Under 50” Patients Carry Genetic Mutation

An article released December 15, 2016 by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Oncology presented results from a recent study on early-onset colorectal cancer (CRC occurring in those under age 50 years old). The article titled Prevalence and Spectrum of Germline Cancer Susceptibility…

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Personalized Immunotherapy: Adoptive Cell (TIL) Transfer

  My previous column from January 2016, “Personalized Immunotherapy: Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines” was Part 1 of a 2-Part series on “personalized” immunotherapies that are currently in clinical trials. As a recap, this is an entirely new model of drug therapy! Instead of standardized identical batches…

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Liz Dennis

Knowing your family history might save your life

Liz Dennis is a stage III rectal cancer survivor. She’s involved with Fight CRC as a Research Advocate in the RATS Program. Liz is also a long-time Call-on Congress attendee who inspired our Scholarship Fund. She has an interest in genetics, early age onset CRC,…

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