Guide in the Fight ReaderDiagnosed with colon cancer or rectal cancer? We’re here to help. We can guide you through this disease. From diagnosis to post-treatment, we provide reliable, trustworthy information and resources that you can read and discuss with your doctor. All of our information is reviewed by distinguished members of our Medical Advisory Board.

Let us help you understand your diagnosis and your treatment options no matter what your stage or age. We’re here to explain colorectal cancer terms, offer advice from other cancer patients and provide free resources for you to download.

Newly Diagnosed?

We get it, the “C” word is hard to hear! But, you’re not alone. If you’ve been diagnosed, let us help you. Our resource library is full of webinars, podcasts, fact sheets, videos and more. We also offer a robust resource, Your Guide in the Fight, which includes everything you need to know from diagnosis through survivorship for stage III & IV patients. In our resources we break down the terms your doctors are using to explain your diagnosis and help you know how to talk with your treatment team. We’ll help you know how to understand what’s happening to you and introduce you to other patients who can relate. It’s not uncommon to search for survival statistics, let us explain the numbers to you. Get the tips, information and strength you need to fight.

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Treatment Assistance

Making decisions about cancer treatment is difficult, but we’re here to help. We provide the tools to help you understand your options and talk with your doctor about a plan that fits your unique situation.

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Dealing with Side Effects

Side effects are a reality when it comes to colorectal cancer treatment. Our resources offer tips and tricks on how to deal with them. We interview both doctors and patients for ideas on how to cope with some of the most common side effects from colorectal cancer treatments.

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Life as a cancer survivor is different. It can bring about a “new normal.” We can help you know how to cope and adjust. It’s important to ask your doctor about survivorship care plans. With over one million colorectal cancer survivors living in the U.S. this is a big deal!

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Living with Colon and Rectal Cancer

What should you eat? What about intimacy issues? Are complementary and alternative therapies safe? What’s up with palliative care?

We tackle all of these topics and more in our patient resources – from podcasts to webinars, we’ll help you understand what’s normal, how to ask for help, and how to live day-by-day with colorectal cancer.

Live With Colorectal Cancer