Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) is a nonpartisan advocacy organization without party affiliation, bias, or designation. We work to advance public policies on the state and federal level that improve the lives of  all those touched by colorectal cancer. These policies include increased funding for relevant medical research, ensuring access to health care, increasing screening and prevention efforts, and more. We seek to work with all Members of Congress, regardless of their political affiliation, to advance such policies.

Fight CRC focuses on working together toward a common goal: benefitting the colorectal cancer community as a whole. The Fight CRC advocacy team determines its strategic legislative and policy efforts by working with policy experts, collaborating with coalition partners, and soliciting feedback directly from colorectal cancer patients and family members. We seek to influence legislation and regulation based on what is best for the colorectal cancer community as a whole without regard to whether the legislation or regulation adheres to a particular political agenda.

For example, one of Fight CRC’s main priorities is safeguarding access to healthcare for all patients. While there is a lot of partisan rhetoric surrounding this topic, protecting colorectal cancer patient coverage is nonpartisan. We work with Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle — and both sides of the issue — knowing that some will be with us and some may not be. At the end of the day, what’s important is that the voice of the colorectal cancer community is heard during our discussions and deliberations.

Fight CRC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and has a correlating tax status. In order to maintain this tax status, Fight CRC may not participate in partisan political activity. That means that anyone taking action on our behalf must also ensure his or her actions are not partisan in nature.

All employees, board members and volunteer representatives at Fight CRC are expected to maintain nonpartisanship while acting as official representatives of the organization. Specifically, that means in their capacity as Fight CRC representatives, they may not:

  • In an official capacity, advocate for or endorse any particular candidate for public office.
  • Encourage voter registration for a particular party.
  • Encourage Fight CRC advocates to affiliate with campaigns or political parties.
  • Fundraise for candidates or coordinate any election activity with a campaign or political party.

*Fight CRC does not require its employees, board members, or volunteer representatives to abide by these guidelines while acting as private citizen in activities with no Fight CRC affiliation.

Most important, we are nonpartisan because colorectal cancer affects people of every political persuasion, and it takes the work of advocates and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to make a meaningful difference.