When the experts talk and trade theories, we can all work toward a cure. We’re pioneers in this area because we know patient lives depend on it.

Writing a Blueprint

Gordon Cole was a friend to many at Fight CRC. He helped found our organization and served on our board. Many people knew and loved Gordon. His passion for research and hope in immunotherapy was contagious.

After he passed in 2015, his family gave a legacy gift to Fight Colorectal Cancer. We used the funds to convene over 20 global experts in colorectal cancer immunotherapy in partnership with Cancer Research Institute (CRI). Together we hosted a meeting in New York City where researchers began to discuss how to move the science forward. This had never happened before.

Gordon made it possible.

Out of that meeting came a plan for follow-up discussions and a blueprint was formed. Dr. Al Benson, one of our co-chairs on the project, presented a preview of the blueprint at the 2016 American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Meeting. The momentum is building for our work.

Check out our presentation from 2016 AACR and learn more about our partnership with CRI.

Working with the Immunotherapy Work Group

Fight CRC Champions Driving ResearchThe Immunotherapy Work Group consists of many of the global leaders who contributed to the blueprint. The group is committed to seeing plans of the blueprint get put into motion and updated as science continuously and quickly evolves. Fight CRC works with this group and engages them to discuss priorities for projects and funding. With the group’s input, grants will be given to advance immunotherapy science.

 Meet the Work Group 

Learn more about how we fund colorectal cancer research directly.

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