Thanks to generous donors and supporters, Fight Colorectal Cancer restricts research funds for the sole purpose of financially supporting colon and rectal cancer research initiatives. This has led to:

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When you donate research dollars to Fight Colorectal Cancer we create meaningful partnerships and collaborations with scientists, medical professionals, medical institutes and academic centers.

Our consistent participation in the research community keeps us grounded. We remind scientists, physicians and thought leaders about the patients, caregivers and family members impatiently waiting for a cure.

In the history of our organization, we have donated over $1 million to colorectal cancer research!

Distributing Research Funds

Our research funds are supported by individual donations and fundraisers. We aim our research efforts at:

  • Supporting and attracting talented scientists to the field
  • Supporting research that will have the greatest possible impact
  • Improving the quality of life for patients during and after treatment

At Fight CRC, your donation supports research efforts.

The Research Fund

Created in honor of Lisa Dubow

We began funding research in 2006. This was inspired by Lisa Dubow, a stage III colorectal cancer survivor and founding member of Fight Colorectal Cancer. She fought for research funding to support innovation and science. Lisa credited late-breaking research with extending her life long enough to see her son grow into adulthood. She inspired us to create a research fund and award young, talented scientists with grants!

The Research Fund goes toward projects that focus on the development of better therapies to address the needs of late-stage patients.

All funds donated to the Research Fund are restricted and support research efforts.

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Legacy Gifts

In 2015, the family of our late board member Gordon Cole gave a substantial legacy gift to us that allowed us to empower and drive collaboration across research disciplines. We used the funds to undertake one of the biggest projects in Fight CRC history – advancing colorectal cancer immunotherapy research. This was Gordon’s passion.

We partnered with Cancer Research Institute and got global experts together to tackle the future of immunotherapy for colorectal cancer patients. Read more about this groundbreaking partnership.

Legacy gifts allow us to undertake new, critical research projects. If you’re looking to partner with an organization and make a big impact with research dollars, please contact us.


Research Advocacy

Our Research Advocate Training and Support (RATS) program puts the patient perspective into the research process. Funds donated to research enable advocates to undergo online education, attend RATS Academy, participate in scientific conferences and engage in firsthand research reviews and discussions. Members of RATS inform and influence research discussions. Learn more about our Research Advocacy.

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How Cancer Research Gets Funded

Our donation to research is one way cancer research gets funded. But the majority of cancer research happening in the U.S. is funded by the federal government. Because of this, we advocate on behalf of scientists and lobby the government for funds. Each year our legislative goals include asks to Congress to direct federal funds toward life-saving medical research.

Current Funding for Colorectal Cancer

Take a look at a few statistics on the levels of colorectal cancer research funding in the U.S.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The table shows historical data for 2011 through 2014 (fiscal years). The 2015-2016 estimates are based on actual data from Research, Condition and Disease Categorization.


Cancer Type 2011 Spending
(in millions)
2012 Spending
(in millions)
2013 Spending
(in millions)
Lung $296.8 $314.6 $285.9
Prostate 288.3 265.1 255.6
Breast 625.1 602.7 559.2
Colorectal 265.1 256.3 238.3
Bladder 20.6 23.4 20.3
Melanoma 115.6 121.2 122.5
126.4 119.5 113.7
Kidney 46.2 49.0 45.6
Thyroid 16.2 16.5 19.6
15.9 19.1 17.8

*Source of spending data: National Cancer Institute Office of Budget and Finance (OBF).

Information about funding for other types of cancer and for general categories of research (e.g., survivorship) can be found in the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Funded Research Portfolio or the NCI Annual Fact Book. You can also check out additional information about NCI’s budget.

Fight CRC trains advocates to change policy to see colorectal cancer research funded at the levels needed so the disease is preventable, beatable and treatable.

Learn more about our colorectal cancer advocacy program.

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