Benefits of Stress Reduction: Mindfulness

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Stress affects most people who are touched by colorectal cancer and it's important for patients to learn stress reduction techniques. Learning to manage chronic stress can be extremely helpful in coping with a cancer diagnosis and maintaining a positive outlook.

In this informative webinar, Andrea Lee, BSN, RN with Methodist Dallas Medical Center will discuss stress reduction strategies and awareness techniques to manage stress at all points along the cancer continuum. This webinar is a great tool for patients, survivors, caregivers and loved ones.

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About The Presenter

Andrea Lee, BSN, RN Oncology Program Manager
Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Andrea Lee is the Oncology Program Manager at Methodist Dallas Medical Center where her work focuses on improving the utilization of Shared Decision Making in oncology by reducing barriers, like stress, to improve patient-provider communication, learning and memory.She is a champion for the integration of traditional cancer care with mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to improve patient experience and treatment outcomes. She continues her work with Fight CRC, because she believes in the work they do to lobby for system improvements, educate patients with accessible educational resources, and provide a community of support for those facing the fear-inducing diagnosis of colorectal cancer.