Get Ready to Climb: Physical Activity and Colorectal Cancer

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Looking to kick start your physical activity? Hoping to learn about how body movement can be a huge benefit for CRC patients and survivors? Curious about Climb for a Cure? Watch this interactive webinar featuring Karia Coleman, MSK, personal trainer and athletic strength coach, and Fight CRC advocates as they discuss the importance, challenges, and joys of physical activity.

Meet the Presenter: Karia Coleman

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Karia Coleman is dedicated to the eradication of chronic conditions through physical exercise. Karia has 18 years of experience as a personal trainer, athletic strength coach, weight loss consultant, competitive athlete, and Corporate Department Head of a commercial fitness company. During this time he has helped many clients with weight loss ranging between 50 –100 lbs Currently he is the Founding Principal of Ttari Health LLC where he tends to focus on the use of physical exercise for the amelioration of pathologies associated with chronic conditions. The fight against cancer and other chronic conditions is very personal to Karia. He watched several family members and friends suffer from cancer and its treatments. Once he realized that physical exercise prevents and improves the effects of cancer, he made it his mission to save lives with exercise.

Meet the Presenter: Denelle Suranski

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Denelle is an Event Coordinator for Allegheny County Parks Department, a student for Human Resources Management, and the Social Media Manger for The Colon Club. She is a Lynch Syndrome Survivor and previvor, a stage II Rectal Cancer Survivor, and a Fight Colorectal Cancer Ambassador (class of 2019/2020).