Introducing Ina®: Nutrition Assistant from Savor Health®

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Introducing Ina® The Intelligent Nutrition Assistant from Savor Health®

Ina®’s personalized clinically and contextually appropriate nutrition and symptom management interventions 24/7 “on-demand” via SMS text help cancer patients stay on treatment, prevent and manage side effects, and feel strong throughout the cancer journey.

  • Personalized Nutrition Guidance 24/7 at Your Fingertips “On Demand.” Whenever you’d like answers to your nutrition questions or on how to prevent or manage symptoms, text Ina® from your cell phone and she’ll respond with personalized nutrition tips, recipes, and answers to your questions—no phone calls or appointments necessary.
  • Access to the Knowledge of Oncology Credentialed Medical Experts. All of Ina®’s knowledge and advice is based on scientific evidence and the training of oncology credentialed registered dietitians, nurses, and doctors who are experts in the needs of cancer patients.
  • Safe, Secure, and Free. Unlimited access 24/7 “on-demand” in a solution that is secure and ensures data privacy

About Savor Health. Savor Health is a B2B digital health platform that combines artificial intelligence, data science, and over 41,000 expertly curated rules and evidence-based interventions to deliver, at scale, clinically and contextually appropriate personalized nutrition and symptom management support in order to improve adherence and outcomes, prevent costly ER visits and inpatient admissions, and empower patients with independence, control, and hope. Savor Health’s digital nutrition platform is generating market-leading engagement (over 60%), high satisfaction (83% of patients report her advice is helpful), and strong likeliness to recommend (4.3 on a scale of 1 to 5). Savor Health’s mission is to improve the lives of cancer patients and their caregivers through clinically validated nutrition interventions that are integrated into their cancer treatment regimen as standard of care.