Kentucky’s Testimony on HB 108

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Testimony for House Bill 108 in Kentucky

Given by Whitney Jones, MD on February 4, 2021

"Since its inception in 2008, The KCCSP and its designated advisory committee have engaged with two primary goals: first overseeing a state-based program providing CRC screening and underinsured Kentuckians. Second, and more broadly, increasing evidence-based CRC screening rates for all Kentuckians. The KCCSP has been a cornerstone in our commonwealth’s nation leading improvements in CRC screening rates and the results bear repeating: Over the 20 years, From 49th to 22nd in screening rates. Incidence is down 27% and mortality down over 30%. Translated, each and every year 250 fewer CRC deaths because of earlier detection and 400 CRC cases are totally prevented through polyp removal. Thousands of lives and likely hundreds of millions of advanced cancer treatment dollars saved."