Let’s Save a Life Screening Poster

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Using eye-catching illustrations and bold colors, this poster educates about the most common signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer and explains how, when and why to get screened. It quickly shows the three most common colorectal cancer screening options (colonoscopy, FIT, and FIT-DNA), and it emphasizes the importance of getting screened starting at age 45 (but also addresses that colorectal cancer can happen at any age). It also mentions screening coverage through insurance with special tips for Medicare patients.

A helpful QR code sends people to FightCRC.org where they can learn more about screening options, have common questions answered, and take a 1-minute, 13-question colorectal cancer screening quiz to learn about their individual risk and when a conversation with doctors about screening is recommended.

This poster is available for digital download from FightCRC.org in 8.5x11 or 11x17, or pre-printed copies of 11x17 posters are available through Fight CRC's store.