Skin Toxicity Mini Magazine

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Targeted therapies tend to cause skin toxicity, or rash, that can be painful and itchy, or cause a burning, tingling sensation. Your doctor may prescribe a medicated cream to control itching and ease discomfort, or an antibiotic if infection becomes a concern. You might be referred to a dermatologist.

If the rash becomes intolerable, you and your doctor may decide to lower your treatment dose. Rash related to the oral targeted therapy regorafenib, may also cause an itchy rash. Talk with your doctor if this happens to see if specific creams or lotions can help.

Download Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Skin Toxicity Mini Magazine, a booklet designed to help patients manage side effects of the skin (like chemo rash, skin rash, or EGFR rash and hand-foot skin reaction) and find comfort through the stories of others who share in the struggles, victories, and outlooks on this side effect. This resource includes:

  • What causes skin toxicity
  • Tips to prevent skin toxicity
  • Nail care do’s and don’ts
  • Makeup tips for chemo rash
  • Facial hair grooming with skin rash
  • Sun care with EGFR rash
  • More tips from experts and patients