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Lucy Degidon

Patients & Survivors Rectal Cancer New York
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Story: “When I was about 60, I started having pink discharge when wiping myself. I took the sample test at home, and it came out negative. Therefore, I put off having a colonoscopy, even though I still had symptoms. Luckily, a stranger suggested I go to the ER on an occasion where we were playing tennis, when I said I was tired and avoiding a colonoscopy. I had a colonoscopy and a cancerous mass was found in my rectal area. It was contained, but near the sphincter, necessitating a colostomy.”

Advice: “Reach out to organizations like Fight CRC and ostomy sites. They support you and give good advice! I did that and the Ostomy Organization helped diagnose my hernia! Fight CRC is good for emotional support too!”

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