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Stacy Hughes

Patient/Survivor Stage III Colon Cancer Oklahoma
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At age 38, I was diagnosed with stage IIIb colon cancer April 2023.

My signs and symptoms included ongoing change in bowel habits, narrow stools, stomach cramps/bloating/fullness.

I had left lower quadrant pain, saw my PCP, and she ordered a CT after feeling a mass. The CT suggested mass or infection. After a week of meds there was no change.

A colonoscopy revealed an almost total obstruction of my sigmoid colon. That was removed with three positive out of 24 lymph nodes.

My husband was with me, and we felt shocked and defeated. I had an answer, but not one I was ever expecting.

I completed eight rounds of chemo and I’m now cancer free!

Members of Congress need to know that cancer doesn't care how old you are. Colorectal cancer patients need proper detection, proper treatment, and support.

My advice for someone who might be afraid to seek medical advice or colorectal cancer screening is as scary as testing can be, cancer treatment is worse. Screen before it’s too late!

The fight is worth YOU! Most of the time the fight is more than just for yourself. You fight for your loved ones, friends, and future cancer patients they may benefit from your sacrifice.

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