Call-on Congress

Call-on Congress is an annual event where colon and rectal cancer survivors, caregivers and loved ones from all over the U.S. unite to make their voices heard through an advocacy day on the Hill! We host this three-day event each March in the Washington, D.C. area.

You’re Invited

Have you been touched by colorectal cancer? Then come – join us on the Hill! We need you. We’re determined to make colorectal cancer a NATIONAL priority.

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Our 9th annual Call-on Congress in 2015 was a HUGE success! In 2015:

  • 84 advocates on the Hill; over 100 joined over the course of the three-day event
  • 30 states represented
  • 120 congressional office meetings

That’s quite a bit more than the 37 advocates we kicked off with in 2007! While our numbers are growing and our voice is getting louder on the Hill, our mission has never changed. We’re after a cure for colorectal cancer. Funding for medical research. Improved access to screening and prevention.

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How Does It Work?

Advocacy can be intimidating. That’s why we spend two full days in training before we hit the Hill.

Days 1 & 2 – Advocacy Training

Day 1 involves meeting your mentor (one of our Grassroots Action Committee members), getting to know other advocates and learning the basics about advocacy and Capitol Hill. You also hear from experts from across the U.S. on topics impacting colorectal cancer patients, research & funding.

Day 2 involves learning more from experts, diving into our legislative goals, watching demonstrations on a congressional meeting and practicing meetings. By the end of training, you’ll feel confident about heading to the Hill.

Day 3 – Hill Day

On Day 3, we head to Capitol Hill. Advocates meet with the offices of their members of Congress. There’s strength (and confidence!) in numbers, so advocates attend these meetings in groups, taking turns sharing their stories and asking for support. Later that evening we host a celebration dinner where we get dressed up, let our hair down and put on our dancing shoes!

Travel & Lodging

We’re here to help with travel logistics! Use the info sheets below to know how to navigate airports and transportation, reserve hotel rooms and secure emergency contact information. We line up all the details for getting around Alexandria and Capitol Hill during the conference—with maps and everything!

Travel logistics Getting Around Alexandria & DC

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Each year Fight CRC awards a handful of advocate scholarships. Full and partial scholarships cover the event registration fee, up to $300 of travel expenses (flight/train ticket/mileage) and a hotel room in Alexandria.

The Call-on Congress 2015 Scholarship Application is now closed.

*The scholarship does not cover food, ground transportation, baggage fees or travel itinerary change fees.

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Keeping Costs Down…

One way to cut down on expenses is to have a roommate. If you are interested in sharing a hotel room with another advocate, please email Emily White.

More Information

Get the schedule of events, speaker bios & more from March 2015.

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Advocates did an AWESOME job on social media during Call-on Congress!

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