Meet the One Million Strong – Belle Piazza

How do YOU define One Million Strong? I define one million strong beyond the survivors themselves, making it more like Ten Million Strong.  Cancer affects everyone.  The patient, the caregiver, the family, the friends, the community.  I can’t imagine going through my cancer journey alone.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I say…  Read More

I’m the Mom and I Said Get Screened

by Kathy Dwyer-Keefe, (AKA Andi Dwyer’s mom) As the Fight Colorectal Cancer team begins to share who they are and their connection to the cause, Andi asked that I write about my history as her mom and the importance of family history and telling your story. My Story At age 41, I was diagnosed with tubular villous…  Read More

Getting Social about Survivorship at Mayo

Last week I had the extreme privilege of walking around Mayo Clinic without my rear hanging out of one of those horrible hospital gowns. I received a scholarship to attend the Health Care Social Media Summit as a patient. The fact I work at Fight CRC and manage our social media was a bonus. The scholarship covered…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – DAN DIXON PhD

How do YOU define One Million Strong? We, meaning researchers, advocates, and survivors, all have a common goal in getting behind a cure for colorectal cancer. We each have our own strengths and talents that can be best utilized to reach the goal. Putting us together defines One Million Strong. Where have you drawn strength? As a cancer…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – Ginny Goddard

How do YOU define One Million Strong? To me, One Million Strong means victory. There are no words to describe the overwhelming sense of honor and respect when you see someone fighting for their life against such a ruthless disease. One Million Strong is a salute to colon cancer survivors who have faced their own mortality and…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – DOUG SHARP

How do YOU define One Million Strong? To me, One Million Strong is the collective voice, strength, and determination of all people affected by colorectal cancer who are out to do anything that will improve the lives of everyone living in the colorectal cancer community. Where have you drawn strength? I have drawn strength from those I have…  Read More