Each year, Fight Colorectal Cancer awards individuals who go “above and beyond” to further our mission. Their passion for the cause is evident in their advocacy.

Mike Mancini Hero Award

With this award, we hope to honor the legacy of Mike Mancini and continue to inspire heroes by providing recipients access to attend events that were invaluable to Mike and his personal mission in advocacy. Each year, the Michael Mancini Invitational Golf Tournament is held to raise awareness and funds for the Hero Fund.

  • 2024 – Ryan Vieth
  • 2023 – JJ Singleton
  • 2022 – Kim Schoolcraft and Karen Fogarty

Congressional Champion Award

Awarded to members of Congress who’ve championed Fight CRC’s legislative goals on the Hill through colorectal cancer policy and legislation.

  • 2015 – Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH)
  • 2014 – Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. (NJ)
  • 2013 – Rep. Jim McGovern (MA)
  • 2012 – Rep. Charlie Dent (PA)
  • 2010 – Rep. Dan Boren (OK)
  • 2009 – Sen. Mike Michaud (ME)
  • 2008 – Rep. Kay Granger (TX)

Champion on the Hill

Awarded to public servants who tirelessly work to increase screening and improve the lives of colorectal cancer patients.

  • 2017 – former legislative assistant for Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. Thomas Saunders
  • 2014 – former HHS Director Dr. Howard Koh “Health Champion Award”

Andrew Giusti Memorial Award

Andrew (Andy) Giusti was an outdoorsman, scientist and advocate who served as a Fight CRC board member until passing away in Dec. 2010 at age 45 – 5 ½ years after being diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer. Andy was a trusted advisor on scientific issues. His background as both a scientist and patient laid the groundwork for the organization’s research program, including the Lisa Fund research grant. He pushed for great science that translated to patient benefit as quickly as possible. Honoring Andy’s commitment to advocacy and research, Fight Colorectal Cancer awards the Andrew Giusti Memorial Award each year to outstanding advocates of medical, health and scientific research. This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing our nation’s commitment to colorectal cancer research.

  • 2019 – Ann Zauber, Ph.D.
  • 2018 – María Cecilia Antúnez Walker (Maia Walker)
  • 2017 – Florence Kurtilla & Elaine Newcomb
  • 2016 – Tom Marsilje, Ph.D.
  • 2015 – Dan Dixon, Ph.D.
  • 2014 – Andrea Kramer
  • 2013 – the late Kate Murphy
  • 2012 – Pat Steer
  • 2011 – Pam McAllister

Community Advocate Award

Awarded to Fight CRC advocates who are “all in;” those who go above and beyond within the year to advocate, volunteer and/or fundraise for Fight CRC. They are making a difference both locally and nationally.

  • 2019 – Chris Ganser (DC)
  • 2018 – John MacLeod (DC)
  • 2017 – Candace Henley, Chad & Sheila Schrack (DC) Larry Nall (Nashville)
  • 2016 – Bunny Terry (Santa Fe) Steve Greene (Nashville)
  • 2015 – Tom Foeller
  • 2014 – Gordon Cole
  • 2013 – Eric & Rose Hausmann
  • 2012 – Pam Seijo

Shining Star Award

Awarded to individuals who use their large followings and fame to bring awareness and attention to colorectal cancer.

2016 – Craig Campbell, Meghan King Edmonds and Luke Perry

Social Influencer Award

Awarded to individuals to thank them for their tireless work on social media – connecting other patients and loved ones with Fight CRC resources and campaigns.

  • 2019 – Marra Rodriguez
  • 2018 – Carrie Lynn Gibson, Elsa Gibson & Joy Gibson-DeRamo “The Gibson Sisters”
  • 2017 – Amanda Houston

Additional All Stars

Several other awards have recognized advocates for their dedication and passion for the cause who champion Fight CRC in their communities, amongst their peers and within their spheres of influence.

  • 2018 – Flatiron Health, recognizing outstanding innovators for their contributions to improving the lives of colorectal cancer patients.
  • 2018 – Rep. Charlie Dent, Legacy of Service award, in recognition of his leadership, service & enduring commitment to prevention and improving the lives of colorectal cancer patients
  • 2017 – Alan Balch, Ph.D., Appreciation award for his years of service on the Fight CRC board of directors.
  • 2015 – Andrea Lee, Rising Star award for her support of launching One Million Strong and building inroads for Fight CRC into the Nashville community.
  • 2015 – Dr. Andrew Kennedy, Blue Star Champion award for rallying the Nashville healthcare community around colorectal cancer awareness.
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