Jennifer Kolb, MD, MS

Gastroenterology Fellow from The University of Colorado Hospital

Jennifer Kolb headshot

Jennifer Kolb completed her Gastroenterology fellowship training at the University of Colorado Hospital and she is continuing her training at UC Irvine in advanced endoscopy and GI oncology. She is particularly interested in developing and implementing strategies for early detection and improved recognition of gastrointestinal neoplasia as well as expanding techniques in endoscopic oncology. Her research focuses on the familial risk associated with colorectal cancer and advanced polyps as well as strategies to improve communication between patients, family members, and physicians surrounding cancer risk.

“Dennis approached everything with passion and curiosity. He had a way of taking an ordinary conversation, a basic idea, or a routine conference and elevating it to an awesomely fun and memorable experience. Dennis was the quintessential mentor who always went out of his way to gift me professional opportunities, but more importantly, he cared to know me on a personal level and to understand what motivated my clinical and research interests. His zest for living and learning is what I will cherish most.” -Jennifer Kolb