Curt Pesmen

Research Advocate

Curt Pesmen is an author,  advocate, documentary producer and Cofounder of BoCo Media, LLC. He serves as Research Advocate for Fight Colorectal Cancer, Springfield, MO, and Advocate Reviewer for the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). In addition to serving as associate producer of the hit documentary, Keep On Keepin’ On (Radius 2014), and executive producer of LIV, a documentary short film (2019), he also has written material for the Emmy award-winning film, Chasing Ice (2013). He is author of ​How A Man Ages​, The Colon Cancer Survivors’ Guide ​(Tatra Press), and more recently wrote ​My Cancer Year​ (2015). At​ Self ​magazine in New York City he helped develop the internationally recognized pink ribbon breast cancer awareness campaign in the 1990s. He lives with his family in Boulder, Colorado.

His Role in Research Advocacy

  • Serves as a Research Advocate for CPRIT, the $3B funded Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas on a twice-yearly basis. Being selected and reviewing 65-70 grant applications for new cancer drugs of all types for all cancers
  • Attended the ASCO GI meeting in January 2018 and brokered a meeting between seven research advocates and Alan Venook, M.D., (my ex-medical onc!) an ASCO speaker + director of UCSF GI-Oncology. He shared the key differences between “left-sided” CRC diagnoses and “right-sided” CRCs and how his lab was instrumental in reporting the finding that these CRCs should be treated differently
  • Spoke at Call-on Congress 2015 in Washington, D.C. as a new Research Advocate, which allowed me to share research from my book, My Cancer Year, including the legendary advice of an onc-surgeon: “Cancer is a WORD, not a SENTENCE!”