Anita Mitchell Isler

Research Advocate

Anita had just turned 41 when she diagnosed with IV Colon Cancer in 2005. Her primary care dr had dismissed her symptoms 4 months earlier. It was not until the symptoms progressed and Anita found out her that her Dad who had passed from cancer at 46 had Colon Cancer, was she referred for a scope. Anita was busy rasing three kids ages 9, 12, 13, at diagnosis. 

After finding out how preventable CRC is with on time screening she was determined to bring awareness about early-onset CRC and family history and started Dress in Blue Day at her children’s school. She founded Washington Colon Cancer Stars with her state Colon Cancer Task force. She leads two long running support groups for CRC patients and helps local researchers connect with patients for focus groups. Her goal is to see this disease get the funding and awareness to change the landscape so no one has to die. 

Top accomplishments 

  • Testifying for bill 1337 that passed to mandiate insurance companies in Washington State to cover colonoscopies.
  • Serves on Grand Challenge Team Opptumisticc as a patient advocate a international 25 million dollar project funded by Cancer  Research UK and National Cancer .
  • Served on a Patient Centered Pathology grant and co authoring published papers.