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On Friday, November 19, nonprofit Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) will be featured on ABC's primetime hit TV show, reality series Shark Tank.

Six years ago, DUDE Wipes, the first flushable wipe marketed to men, first appeared on Shark Tank. In 2015, DUDE startup co-founders and the investors went back and forth, nearly settling on a deal. But when billionaire Mark Cuban came back with his offer, the contestants promptly accepted, which kick-started their business. A lot has happened at DUDE HQ since then and the company has gained national exposure. Additionally, it has formed a partnership with Fight CRC to raise awareness for colorectal cancer (CRC). The tie-in between the product and the cause was obvious and both groups appreciate candid talk when it comes to bathroom topics. CRC is a preventable disease that’s killing way too many people in the United States; 1 in 23 men are at risk of developing CRC in their lifetimes.

The founders of DUDE Wipes are set to reappear on Shark Tank on Nov. 19 for the “where are they now” segment. They’ve chosen to feature Fight CRC volunteers and CRC survivors, including those like stage IV CRC survivor J.J. Singleton, who says, “to see a company use their platform to help others in need, especially the colorectal cancer community, is so rare. It takes both an amazing product and company values for me to suggest something to my fellow cancer warriors. I will continue to recommend DUDE wipes.”

DUDE Wipes chose to team up with Fight CRC because the leaders of DUDE Wipes feel it is important to give back and raise awareness for colorectal cancer. DUDE Wipes has donated thousands of dollars in DUDE products for CRC survivors, caregivers, and loved ones. They have also featured CRC resources and patient stories on their blog to educate their audience on the importance of CRC screening and understanding the signs and symptoms.