Fight CRC Partners with Perthera to Deliver Precision Oncology to Cancer Patients


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Fight CRC is partnering with Perthera, the market leader in precision oncology to provide precision cancer care answers to patients from across the nation with colon and rectal cancers. This collaborative effort will deliver molecular profiling, personalized treatment recommendations, and clinical trial matching to patients with colorectal cancer.

“We are excited to not only work with Fight CRC on this program, with staff and volunteers that have driven many successful campaigns on behalf of colorectal cancer patients, but also to serve a patient population that can significantly benefit from Molecular Profiling and the analysis our platform provides,” said Gary Gregory, CEO of Perthera. “Our Precision Oncology Platform has been proven to significantly improve both Overall and Progression-Free Survival for patients who follow our treatment recommendations. We’re confident we will see similar results for Fight CRC patients.”

The partnership will focus on delivering Perthera’s Precision Medicine services to patients receiving Next Generation Sequencing or any other form of molecular testing. Both patients and their oncologists will be provided Perthera’s precisely matched treatment recommendations and Clinical Trial Matching services. Perthera will coordinate molecular testing and get patient samples to participating labs as necessary. If a patient has had molecular testing in the last 12 months, Perthera can also analyze these results and provide an easy to read report with ranked therapeutic options.

 “We are impressed by Perthera’s Platform which is proven to both advance patient outcomes from an overall and progression-free survival perspective and improve Clinical Trial enrollment by five times the national average,” said Anjee Davis, President of Fight CRC. “Perthera’s exceptional capabilities are aligned with our mission to enhance colon and rectal cancer research, treatment, and policy. Our partnership will deliver exemplary value to patients, physicians, and our clinical trial sites across the nation.”

If you are a patient with colorectal cancer or a practicing oncologist who would like to learn more about the benefits of Biomarker Testing and how our partnership is utilizing the results to provide precise and enhanced cancer care, visit

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