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Colorectal cancer fighter Michael Robertson and caregiver Sahar Wali join Fight Colorectal Cancer leadership

Robertson and Wali

Alexandria, Va. – June 8, 2015 – The Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) board of directors is adding two professionals this month who will assist in setting the vision for the nonprofit, fundraising for its programs and using their networks to help the charity accomplish its goals. Stage IV colorectal cancer fighter Michael Robertson and his wife, Sahar Wali, will be joining the board effective this month.

Both Robertson and Wali bring a personal connection with the cause to the board, as well as experience in advocacy and policy. Having both worked in numerous roles on the Hill, in the White House and throughout federal agencies, they will strengthen the insights and knowledge about how to best address legislative goals and see progress made on the Hill.

“I've worked on a lot of advocacy campaigns and seen effective and ineffective ways to promote and support outcome,” said Robertson. “Every one of the successful campaigns came down to one variable - the people involved. Fight CRC is filled with patients, caregivers, staff and members that all understand the role that their hearts and emotions play in making their work more effective and successful. Since I've been involved with them it's felt like family I just hadn't met yet.”

“Fight CRC is so much more than an advocacy group, they are a family and a community of strength that knows it takes fighting on all fronts- in the halls of Congress, on the fundraising circuit and beyond to beat this disease,” said Wali. “They also know that the key to winning this fight rests in the hearts, souls and strengths of patients, survivors, fighters and families of those affected. Fight CRC knows that this fight isn't just one about dollars and doctors- it’s about people. As a caregiver, they have been among my greatest strengths in pushing ahead in this fight, for my husband and for all of those touched and changed forever by this disease.”

Robertson and Wali join a board of seven others committed to fighting colorectal cancer and furthering the mission of Fight CRC. Other board members include:

  • Nancy Roach, founder and chair of the board
  • David Wicks, vice chair
  • Dana Rye, treasurer
  • Andrea Kramer, secretary
  • Helene Byrnes
  • Indran Krishnan
  • Alan Balch, Ph. D.

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About Fight Colorectal Cancer
Fight Colorectal Cancer is a leading colorectal cancer nonprofit in Washington, D.C. Through patient education, advocacy and research funding the group spreads awareness and demands a cure for the second-leading killer in the United States. As the leading advocacy group, the organization serves as a resource for colorectal cancer patients, grassroots advocates, policy makers, medical professionals and health care providers.