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There are people missing from this picture, but the entire Nebraska (and lets be honest, the entire company) has been so good to Josh and I! When Josh started his new job with Becks we were so excited as it felt like a new beginning, a couple of months prior, I had a scan that showed No Evidence of Disease. Unfortunately, shortly after being hired, my husband had to turn around and let the company know that my cancer had returned and it didn't look good. I have never in my life seen a company be so compassionate about their employees/wives or significant others! We were taken back at how much love and prayers were being sent to us from all over the company (they are in several different states across the US). I will be forever grateful for everything they have done and continue to do to support not only my husband but myself! I hope to one day show my appreciation to the entire company! Nebraska Team - I love you like you are family, because I feel like that is what you've been to us!