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My love, my husband, you chose me! Even when I asked - are you sure you want to ride this cancer ride with me, I can still remember the "why would you even ask me that question when you know the answer" look you gave me. A lot of people focus on the patient that has been diagnosed with cancer, but the caregiver is never really given the appreciation that is deserved. Being the one diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer is not easy - no one will object to that, but I cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions you have had to ride these past three years or watching me decline knowing there was nothing you could do for me. I will be forever grateful for you sticking by my side when honestly, you didn't have to - you chose to stay. You know how to keep me on track, and take care of me the way only you can. Thank you for making sure I eat on days I didn't want to and giving me my meds because god knows I would have either overdosed myself or not taken them not being able to remember which I did or didn't do. I will forever love you and appreciate everything you have done for me. I hope someday I will be able to show you just how much I love you!