In honor of Meredith and Alecia


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Ladies, you are the friends I never knew I needed, but now cannot live without. I am soooo grateful that I was chosen to be an Ambassador for Fight Colorectal Cancer the same year the two of you were! It was almost like we needed to be introduced! Alecia, I'm pretty sure I remember you telling me when you first saw me - who is this girl hugging up on everyone like she knows everyone, now look at us! The two of you are someone I know that I can lean on without judgement and you will know exactly what I am going through and exactly what to say to pull me up out of my slumber! You are forever stuck with me because I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon and will not allow either of you to go anywhere without me sooo....cheers to so many more years of growing our friendship! I cannot wait to see you in a couple of weeks and get so many hugs from both of you! I love you soooo much!