In memory of Elizabeth DeGrave

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We say goodbye to my beloved wife Liz who died on Thursday, February 15, 2024. ❤️ Liz a woman whose presence illuminated every corner of our lives. Liz embodied true authenticity, integrity, kindness, and love for her community of friends. She found solace in the great outdoors, where we often found wonder and awe together as a couple and a family. A true foodie at heart, Liz savored every flavor whether it was the coastal flavors of Maine, the exotic cuisine of Spain, or the poutine at the local pub down the street. But above all, Liz was a devoted mother, a mama bear fiercely protective and endlessly loving towards our three children: Yasmin (15), Reef (15), and Wren (5). Though she has left this world, her legacy of kindness, strength, and unwavering love will inspire our hearts and minds. You will be dearly missed.