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My dad fought 8 long years with cancer (June 2014 - October 2021). He was 39 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer spread to his liver. After a major 8 hour long surgery they deemed him cancer free. After 6 months in remission the cancer had come back in both of his lungs and in his liver again. My father endured over 250 chemo treatments and several surgeries. He passed away at 48, I was only 21. He also wanted me to remember this "Advocate for yourself because a doctor isn't going to do it for you". He beat a ton of odds, and stayed positive all the way to the end. His life was cut short, so in order for me to make an effort to live longer I have to check early, however, a lot of doctors over look this as "I'm too young" or "I don't see why you need one". Colon cancer is typically caught when it's too late, make sure you advocate for yourself. This can be prevented with the routine check ups, no matter the age, early detection means longer life. Don't cut yourself short because a doctor didn't want to refer you for a colonoscopy.

Donor: Skyler Graham