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Diana Welch, Survivor

Huntingtown, MD


After several months of severe upper abdominal pain and learning to be my own advocate, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in March 2012.   This was followed by a diagnosis of Celiac Disease just two months prior.  After meeting with a nutritionist and changing to a gluten free diet, my symptoms persisted and worsened  and I continued to seek out a doctor that would be able to further  diagnose my symptoms.  A colonoscopy was the definitive test that would ultimately explain the pain I had been suffering from for several months.  In mid-March 2012, I underwent a right hemi-colectomy, also removing three cancerous lesions from my liver, removing my gallbladder and my appendix.  That was followed by six months of adjuvant chemotherapy.  After just a few short months of being "free", a follow-up scan revealed new lesions on my liver and I started up chemo once again.  Just four treatments in, my next scan showed the chemo ineffective and it was stopped.  I soon began a clinical trial which proved effective for five months.  That study ended this past fall as my routine scan showed that there were new lesions on my liver.  I enjoyed a holiday chemo break and  have just now begun a new study regimen this week.  I remain hopeful that these study drugs will work some magic and diminish this cancer while still being able to live life!


Always know that you are entitled to deal with your emotions and feelings the way you see fit.  It takes time to absorb and grasp the constant changes and unsettling news, and it's ok to take the time you need to understand it.  Be sure to keep positive and move on.  I find that an upbeat attitude and staying in close connection with family and friends is the best medicine.


One Million Strong represents all of us Cancer Survivors, Care Givers, and Family Members being united as one voice to make positive changes in the research and future of colon cancer.