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Arlene and Ed
Ed Murphy, Caregiver
Milford, Ohio


My wife, Arlene, was diagnosed with colon cancer in September, 2004 while trying to find the source of her recently diagnosed anemia. During the surgery to remove the tumor and resect the colon, lymph nodes were checked and it was determined to be stage III colon cancer. Arlene started chemo in early November and by late December there had been a metastasis to her ovaries. After ovarian surgery we were now looking at stage IV colon cancer.  We decided to go for a second opinion. When we expressed this to her oncologist he discouraged us saying he “knew all there was” to know about colon cancer and the treatments for it. RED FLAG. After changing oncologists, we went to the Mayo Clinic. Came back and started treatment with the new doctor.
Six months of chemo was followed by 18 months of NED. In January 2005 Arlene had a recurrence, with mets to her lungs, liver, spleen and abdomen. Arlene was on several chemotherapies, including new ones that become available after her original diagnoses. She did one clinical trial at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute in Nashville, and was scheduled for another at University Hospital in Cincinnati before becoming too weak to participate. Arlene passed away in the early morning hours on January 29, 2011.

Research is where our future lies in developing new drugs to fight this disease.

Through all of this, Arlene remained positive. We set out to learn as much as we could about the disease. Before long we found the ACOR board and “met” people like Kate Murphy and Susanne Lindley who gave us excellent support. It was also there we learned of C3- Colorectal Cancer Coalition/now Fight CRC, and their annual Call-on Congress. Arlene suggested we get involved and advocate for legislative changes and research funding. We started attending Call-on Congress the second year. Arlene and I were married 48 years, had three children, one of which is deceased, two granddaughters and two great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, Arlene did not live to see her great-grandchildren.


Stay positive. Never give up hope. Get involved with your disease.


It gives me the opportunity to "make a difference." That together we can raise awareness that through screening we can detect, treat and beat colorectal cancer.


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