Meet the One Million Strong- Elizabeth Dennis from Arizona


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Meet Elizabeth

Patient / Survivor Tempe, Arizona

Elizabeth's Story

My name is Liz Dennis and I am a 10+ year survivor of stage III rectal cancer. I was diagnosed in May 2006. I also have a permanent colostomy named Rose! My paternal grandmother, uncle and father (who passed away Feb. 2013 after a 33-year battle) all had colorectal cancer, so I started my screening at the age of 30. I just attended my 9th Call-On Congress, I am always there for myself, my family, fellow survivors and those we have lost! I am also involved with Fight CRC's RATS (Research Advocates) program. I always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones, all with one goal to bring awareness to colorectal cancer and make sure our lawmakers in Washington D.C. hear our stories, and figure out how we can save lives!

Elizabeth's Advice

You ARE a Survivor and you are NOT alone! Being a part of Call-On Congress will change your life! You have a voice and a story, be sure your lawmakers hear YOUR story!