Meet the One Million Strong- Helen Norris from Illinois


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Meet Helen

 Helen Norris, Stage IVA Survivor/Patient

Johnsburg, Illinois

Helen's Story

I am a British expat, having lived in the United States for 27 years.  I have a daughter who had just recently completed her master's. She lives and works as a youth librarian in Milwaukee.  I have a son who is 20 and lives at home.  My husband is retired and we now live on a very limited income, due to some very poor financial handling.  My home life is extremely stressful!

In May 2012, I went to the emergency room thinking that I had food poisoning.  I was also very tired and losing weight. I was taking part in a 'biggest loser' contest both at my school and gym, which I won.  I worked at an elementary school office, and put the chronic tiredness down to how hectic the end of the school year can be.

That evening I had a right sided hemi-colectomy emergency surgery to remove a tumor that was blocking my colon. I have been in really good health, considering the 80-plus chemo treatments that have done their best to ground me!  I have travelled a lot with my good friend Julie Krause, who I met in the chemo chair! I have been zip lining, stayed in haunted hotels and slept within ear distance of lions and tigers, got lost in the Ozarks, and driven up Mesa Verde!

Unfortunately, chemo damaged my platelets, and I've had to go through partial splenic embolizations. I am still in pain and have another two of these procedures to go through.  But the blessing will be that my blood will rejuvenate itself. I've also had a bone marrow needle biopsy to ensure there was no blood cancers suspended in the marrow, and I am very grateful there was not!

What One Million Strong means to Helen

One Million Strong means helping to find a cure for this horrendous disease, a disease that takes way too many people way too early.  Young-onset CRC is the most devastating form.

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  1. Please Help Helen Howell Norris. She is an inspiration to all. We should all strive to help one another always.

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