Meet Jane

Patient / Survivor Charlotte, North Carolina

Jane's Story

I was sick for a while but went undiagnosed because of age, gender and no family history. In 2004, at age 34, I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer. I completed 25 rounds of radiation and wore the 5FU chemo pump at the same time for five weeks. I had a colon resection removing several feet of my colon one month after completing the initial treatment, followed by five more months of chemo. I tried Folfox but was allergic to oxaliplatin, then finished with folfiri. It reoccurred as stage IV to my liver in 2009. I had a liver resection followed by six months of chemo. I had my port removed due to blood clots. Had a reoccurrence again in 2010, another liver resection and one full year of chemo; orally and intravenously. Since then I have been cancer-free.

Jane's Advice

Do not let your cancer rule you or define you. You rule it and enjoy life making it worth fighting for. Always keep a ridiculously positive attitude!!