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Meet Joan

Medical Professional

Mitchellville, Maryland

Joan's Story

I am very passionate about the fight against colon cancer and I want to make a difference. As a nurse practitioner with more than 14 years in gastroenterology, I have seen first hand the impact colon cancer has on patients and their family members.

Personally, I lost a dear and close friend to colon cancer just prior to her 50th birthday. I never pass up an opportunity to educate individuals about the importance of colon cancer screening; I recently completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree and my focus was an educational intervention to increase colon cancer screening awareness while increasing participation in colon cancer screening.

I enjoy being a part of an organization that is a champion for improving policies, research as well as education and awareness for those who have been impacted by colon cancer.

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Joan is a medical professional who educates people on why screening is so important. Fight with courage, share your story.

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