Meet the One Million Strong- Joseph Munson from New York


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Meet Joseph

Patient / Survivor

Port Crane, NY

Joseph's Story

I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at age 39. At the time of writing this, I have completed 4 out of 12 rounds of chemo therapy.

Colon cancer does not run in my family. I am the first person in the family to get it. After undergoing genetic testing it was found that I have two mutated genes that contributed. I began experiencing abdominal pain Summer 2016. At first it felt like that bubbling feeling you get when you have diarrhea, without having actual diarrhea.

I began experiencing an increase in abdominal pain over time, and had a colonoscopy Dec. 2016. That is when a malignant tumor was found in the sigmoid section of my colon. My mother delivered the news when I came out of my colonoscopy. I was initially in shock. Slowly it began to sink in just how serious the situation was. The gamut of emotions that followed led me toward a fierce determination to defeat this scourge and carry on with my life.

I will walk my little girl down the aisle someday.

I'm the father of four young children between the ages of 3 and 13. I am an elementary school teacher and can't wait to get back to my students!

Joseph's Advice

Keep your mind strong!