Meet the One Million Strong – Lindsey Motley from South Carolina


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Lindsey Motley, Survivor

Greenville, SC


In April 2013, I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer at 26 years old, while also 17 weeks pregnant with our first child, a girl! I was having bleeding issues from constipation due to prenatal vitamins and pregnancy, which were investigated by colonoscopy. I had a colon resection one week after my diagnosis. I began chemotherapy bi weekly (FOLFOX and 5FU) at 24 weeks pregnant, and completed 12 rounds. Our daughter, Lilla, was born at 37 weeks between rounds 7 and 8 of my treatment. The baby is 100% healthy and mama is right behind her!


Stay POSITIVE. It's so easy to say that when you're not in your toughest of moments, but having been there, I know it makes all the difference. Fight your fight! Each step of the way, hold your chin high and fight.


One Million Strong is a force of bravery, a message of hope and an act that can make a difference!  I know that each of these one million are brave, because I've been there, too! It takes a lot of bravery and strength to fight through the emotions, surgeries, treatments, and beyond, whether a patient or family.  It's also a message of hope, because we're here! I hope that others can find strength through the stories of other survivors'. This is an act that can make a difference by educating our society on the importance of preventative medicine related to colon cancer.