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 Melody Manning-Williams, Family

Crystal City, MO


My beautiful husband, LaMont, was diagnosed with colon cancer in February 2008, when he was only 24-years-old. Unfortunately, he passed away at 26-years-old. Let me share a little bit of his history with you; one month prior to his diagnosis in February, he suffered from a severe case of constipation-which ultimately led up to not having a bowel movements for two weeks. After a lot of convincing on my part, and under the advisement of his primary doctor, Monty underwent a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, a large mass was found in his colon. After taking a biopsy and blood work, they determined that it was cancer. In February, we both knew what we were dealing with. We knew what type of cancer it was, but did not know how advanced it was. So, the PET scan scheduled the next day could tell us what stage it was. To our dismay, the cancer was at stage IV-and had spread to his liver. Then, the preparation for the fight of our lives began. He had to have a port installed to begin chemo right away,  and then shortly after, we met with Mont's oncologist, and his team. His doctor set forth a game plan as to what happened next. The first step, was surgery. After his recovery, then multiple sessions of chemo. Due to the advanced stage of his cancer, they not only removed the mass, but also part of his liver, and also detaching part of his colon, hence, is what forced him to have a colonoscopy bag. The recovery from surgery was brutal. But the doctors were optimistic for they removed every trace of cancer in his body. At that time, it was great news for us. After his two month recovery, he was set to go and have his first chemo session- which was the beginning of an emotional roller coaster ride for us as a young couple. So, after multiple chemo sessions, one clinical drug that gave a horrible allergic reaction, 12 major surgeries, a total of 94 days in the hospital (within an 18-month time frame of having his illness), AND being able to have him as my husband for three months be fore he went on to heaven, this is what brings me here. To share his story with all of you, in hopes that we can lift each other up, and educate others about this disease.


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