Meet the One Million Strong- Walter Hickman from Georgia


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Meet Walter

Patient / Survivor Atlanta, Georgia

Walter's Story

I am a stage II colon cancer survivor that was diagnosed at the tender age of 44. I am a husband and a father of 4. I was having with severe constipation and cramping that prompted me to take myself to the emergency room. The medical professionals found a spot on my colon and immediately admitted me to the hospital. The doctors determined that I had a mass in my colon the size of a grapefruit. Needless to say, surgery was in my future.
They took 12 inches of my colon, 13 lymph nodes, and the mass. The mass that started out the size of a grapefruit shank to the size of an egg.
After surgery, I had 12 rounds of chemo that left me with a bit of neuropathy and chemo brain, but I am working to beat that too. Every day I am alive I beat cancer's stinking a** and to date my record is 1,403 wins - 57 losses. Starting my journey back to health was tough in the beginning. I dwelled in my self pity for almost two months before I realized I that I was given a gift in the mist of this terrible hell I was enduring. The gift of serving others, the ability to stand in the gap, and willingness to give my time. I hope to save at least a life a day speaking about the importance of early detection and inspire someone to jump in and serve the greatest good loving your neighbor.

Walter's Advice

Pray a ton and be outwardly focused.