austin-stewart-colorectal-cancer-survivor-shares-his-storyMeet Austin

Austin Stewart, colorectal cancer survivor Hazel Green, Alabama

Austin's Story

I am 35 years old, father of two, U.S. Army Veteran serving in OIF an OEF.  In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  I noticed something off and decided to get checked out by my doctor. He sent me to a specialist who suggested a colonoscopy.  Two days after that, I received the call that I had cancer. The same afternoon I saw a rectal surgeon, and was referred to an oncologist. After a few more procedures and rectal surgery to remove the rest of the affected area, I am cancer free. Even though it was caught early, it still had an affect on my family. Cancer has affected my family many different times, and this time it has changed my perspective on life.

What One Million Strong Means to Austin

The chance to share my story and maybe push someone else to get checked is what I try to do every time I get the opportunity, and a group is louder than one voice.

Steven's Advice

Take care of yourself and get checked at the first sign or symptom. DO NOT wait for it to go away!  After that, just put your trust in Him.


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