Meet the One Million Strong – Carla G from New Mexico


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Meet Carla

Carla Gonzalez, family member
Portales, New Mexico

Carla's Story

My mother was the strongest, most influential person I've known, and I was blessed to call her mine! My mom was very sick, and after a month in the hospital, she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Unfortunately for her, during the years she had this awful cancer she had no symptoms, and by the time she was diagnosed chemotherapy was not an option, so the cancer ended up taking her life.

It doesn't sound right to say that she lost the battle to cancer - my momma fought, and she fought until her very last breath. Cancer didn't win, God did, and he will always prevail. My momma was such an inspiration to my family, her nurses, doctors and the community. She never gave up, and I hope you never do either! God bless you!

What One Million Strong means to Carla

That you're never alone.

Carla's Advice

There is an infinite amount of fight in you, you just gotta believe it. 🙂